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Gyrocompass for knowing the true North



A gyrocompass is one of the most essential marine equipment on board now. Working under a simple physics law, it has changed how mariners navigate. Gyroscope needs to be maintained correctly for yielding accurate and precise results.


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Oil discharge monitoring and control system

Monitoring and Control System


Polluting the oceans with oil from the ship is an environmental offence. Oil discharge monitoring and control system is the marine equipment used to check oil discharge. Automatic as well as manual monitoring can be done for this.



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The Black Box of the Ship

The Black Box


Voyage Data Recorder or VGR is marine equipment serving the purpose of the black box. The equipment collects every data of the ship during the voyage for purpose of study, enhance safety or to investigate an accident.



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Marine Fire Protection and Maintenence

Protection & Maintanence


Ships require the most comprehensive fight fighting solutions to safeguard the crew, passengers and the goods. Marine fire fighting systems need to be maintained well and needs periodic servicing.


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VSAT and connectivity on ship


VSAT stands for Very small aperture terminal. It is a small telecommunication earth station that receives and transmits real time data via satellite. A VSAT transmits signals to orbital satellites which are then transmitted to different hubs around the world.


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The Magic compass in Maritime

The Magic compass

The principle of Magnetic compass has not been changed for a long time and it’s still being followed. It essentially consists of a magnetized needle pivoted over a horizontal plane.


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Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems

Safety systems

Marconi invented radio in the year 1895. In 1899 the first distress call through wireless communication was made in England when a ship rammed into a lighthouse. Later, it was understood that how wireless communication would help saving lives at sea. Initially, distance was a major concern and a limitation in wireless communication.


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Fleetbroadband – Maritime Communication


FleetBroadband is the latest-generation maritime communication which helps global satellite internet, telephony, SMS and ISDN network for the ocean-going vessels. FleetBroadband uses portable domed terminal antennas for the communication purpose.


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Marine equipment, then and now

Marine equipment

Every ship or boat needs a comprehensive line up of navigational aid equipment which helps them to travel without losing direction and hope. Marine equipment has changed over time. This article briefly looks into various navigational tools that have help men to explore the unknown.


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The need for a Compass


Compass has been a navigational aid tool from the time of early exploration. They have changed the way mariners travel across the globe. With the advancement of technology, there are different kinds of compass that can comprehend various navigational needs.


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