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The voyage of the Maritime industry between the pandemic

How does the maritime industry move forward during the pandemic? The maritime industry is essential for the meeting demand and supply of various countries across the globe. Various organisations have come forward to help the mariners to work and reach back home safe.

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Digitalization Steps In The Maritime Industry

Soon we can see autonomous vessels crossing the great Atlantic ocean. Digitalisation is rampant in maritime industry just as much as it can be seen in other transportation industry. Maritronics observes the changing trend.

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Marine Gauging Systems

Gauging Systems


Marine gauging systems are essential marine equipment on tanker content to check the contents inside the tank. This article explains various gauging system used currently across different kinds of ship tankers.


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Gas detectors in Ships

Gas detectors


A gas detector is important marine equipment used to detect leakage of hazardous gases on the ship and on offshore industries. Over time, gas detectors have changed and are helping mariners in avoiding possible mishaps.


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Dynamic Positioning system

Dynamic System

The dynamic positioning system is used in ships and vessels that voyage into deep seas for holding on to the course without deviations. There are various levels of DPS according to the purpose of the ship.


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Maintenance is the key for a Ship’s Lifespan



Maintaining a gigantic machine like a ship isn’t easy and needs a comprehensive procedure for servicing. There are different ways ships are maintained and serviced. Repairing, reinstalling and maintaining the ship machinery can only be done by expert engineers and technicians who have well-versed knowledge about ship and sea.


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Gyrocompass for knowing the true North



A gyrocompass is one of the most essential marine equipment on board now. Working under a simple physics law, it has changed how mariners navigate. Gyroscope needs to be maintained correctly for yielding accurate and precise results.


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Oil discharge monitoring and control system

Monitoring and Control System


Polluting the oceans with oil from the ship is an environmental offence. Oil discharge monitoring and control system is the marine equipment used to check oil discharge. Automatic as well as manual monitoring can be done for this.



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The Black Box of the Ship

The Black Box


Voyage Data Recorder or VGR is marine equipment serving the purpose of the black box. The equipment collects every data of the ship during the voyage for purpose of study, enhance safety or to investigate an accident.



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Marine Fire Protection and Maintenence

Protection & Maintanence


Ships require the most comprehensive fight fighting solutions to safeguard the crew, passengers and the goods. Marine fire fighting systems need to be maintained well and needs periodic servicing.


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