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Marine equipment, then and now

Marine equipment

Every ship or boat needs a comprehensive line up of navigational aid equipment which helps them to travel without losing direction and hope. Marine equipment has changed over time. This article briefly looks into various navigational tools that have help men to explore the unknown.


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The need for a Compass


Compass has been a navigational aid tool from the time of early exploration. They have changed the way mariners travel across the globe. With the advancement of technology, there are different kinds of compass that can comprehend various navigational needs.


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Marine autopilot- The silent crew

Marine autopilots

Marine autopilots are self-steering navigational aid for marine services. They work with the help of marine GPS receivers and data collected. Marine autopilots now enable the crew to observe, watch the sea and choose the best course to navigate.


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A Brief on Marine Radars

Marine Radars

Marine radars are used to monitor the surrounding of a ship or a boat to check possible routes and to avoid manageable disasters. Marine radars have been serving as a navigational aid for many years. This article explains about marine radar, their functionality, and usage.


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Oil spill detection system, GPS and radars: The driving force of marine navigation system

Marine Navigation System

It is sufficient to say that modern-day marine monitors are far more technologically advanced than their 19th-century ancestors. Technology specifications and features of naval equipment should evolve with time.

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