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A ship sailing on heavy machinery, which needs constant monitoring and inspection. Calibration and automation are two essential verticals of smooth marine trade. Maritronics offers the best in class solutions for all marine-related issues.

A ship consists of heavy machine equipment, which needs constant monitoring and inspection. Boilers, engine, generators and many other heavy machines constitute the gamut of equipment onboard a ship. It is essential to check that all machinery is always operational and reliable. The marine industry seeks the help of companies like Maritronics to maintain and upkeep of this machinery. Maritronics, one of the best marine equipment service provider has some of the best technicians and mechanical experts. Apart from manual specified techniques for each individual machine, treatment against saltwater, lubrication and periodic calibration are necessary practices. All these procedures are a prerequisite to decrease unexpected restoration and replacement and to prevent flip-down of machinery.



Calibration is one of the vital methods to check the correctness of marine machinery. Getting correct reading and measurement is always needed. Calibration is the process of adjusting the output of a measuring instrument to coincide with the standardized value within specified accuracy range. It is important to preserve power and achieve optimum machine operating conditions.


Temperature, pressure and velocity are the basic parameters that need to check for the proper functioning of a ship. One of the most commonly used equipment while at sea is thermocouples. A thermocouple is used for continuous measurement of the temperature of the main engine, auxiliary engine, gas turbine etc. Electrical calibrators are used for checking automation controls and are commonly used onboard. There is a lot more marine equipment used onboard such as air compressors and amplifiers, which use electrical calibrators. There are specific calibrators installed for various parameters on the ship.


Complete kits for calibration using pressure and temperature calibrators towards preventive maintenance on-board ships would include the following:


• Vacuum hand pump 0 to -1 bar (-15 psi)
• Pneumatic hand-pump 0 to 40 bar (600psi)
• Hydraulic calibration hand pump 0 to 700 bar
• Digital pressure gauges
• High accuracy pressure calibrator
• Temperature calibrator
• Electrical volts and current multimeter
• Multi-function calibrator


Every ship should have a basic version of this kit on-board and all engineers and maintenance workers are trained in the use of these tools. Maritronics engineers are well trained in calibration and are experienced in resolving the issue in real-time.


Why Hire Maritronics Engineers?


Reliable equipment is essential for the smooth functioning of different marine equipment. This becomes understood when a particular motor or marine electronic device needs an inspection due to malfunction. This is when the crew or shipbuilders need to get in touch with engineers from Maritronics since they are specialized in automation repair services. Since equipment failure or malfunction affects the production of a company, the benefits of hiring a company that specializes in repairing marine equipment must be discussed.


A company like Maritronics can serve you in terms of sales, commissioning, installation and repairing of all kind of electronic equipment, calibration methods and instruments that are linked with the marine industry. Automation and navigation are two major aspects that need constant check while in the marine business. Automation service includes boiler combustion control, main engine control, feed water control, main and auxiliary safety devices, ODME, tank level monitor, IGS, valve remote control, and all other kinds of hydraulic, pneumatic, different types of electric equipment.


It is therefore ideal to hire experts like Maritronics, one of the trust marine equipment service and installation firms from Middle East. Currently they have expanded their fleet to Singapore and is planning to work for marine industry worldwide. Besides providing service, the company offers genuine products for various marine needs.