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Maintaining a gigantic machine like a ship isn’t easy and needs a comprehensive procedure for servicing. There are different ways ships are maintained and serviced. Repairing, reinstalling and maintaining the ship machinery can only be done by expert engineers and technicians who have well-versed knowledge about ship and sea.



Maintenance is the key to any mechanical equipment or machinery’s longer lifespan. Maintaining a ship is a prolonged mechanical process that needs to be conducted by expert engineers and technicians to keep the vessel in an excellent condition. A ship has numerous small, large and complex machinery that needs regular maintenance of long productivity. Maintenance helps the machines to run under smooth conditions. Investing in a properly functioning ship is pivotal to make the business profitable.



Every vessel’s productivity is connected with the plans prepared by the vessel’s classification society that conduct surveys and inspections to ensure the proper functioning of the ship. Onboard ships, there are service engineers who do routine inspections inside the ship to check for any malfunctions. Onshore, the crew can call experts like  service engineers who can provide a complete comprehensive service for all kinds of ships. The maintenance-schedule needs to be planned well by the ship owners so as to allow the service engineers and technicians can undertake the repair work when needed.


In earlier days, the number of crew members and engineers on the ship were many and maintaining the smooth functioning wasn’t tough. But today, crew members and engineers on board are less and therefore regular interval maintenance test are important. Maintenance requires manpower and time which may not be available all the time as the number of crew members is less and the amount of machinery is more. This is the reason to hold a maintenance plan for the machinery so that they can be overhauled and maintained properly.


Advantages of Planned maintenance.


  • Ship-value can be protected and restored.
  • Professional maintenance-services can be acquired.
  • Ship’s life can be enhanced.
  • Technical specifications of ships can be easily maintained.
  • Unwanted accidents or emergencies can be avoided.
  • A ship can be utilized at their optimum level.
  • Ship’s productivity can be protected.
  • Ship-parts can be managed, integrated and maintained well.
  • Premium-cost on ship-protection insurance can be reduced.
  • Repairing or replacement expenses can be minimized.


Efficient planning, proper use of the equipment and transparent communication with the crew is the key to maintaining a ship.Our efficient engineers at Maritronics undertakes different procedure for service while the ship is in the port.


Preventive Maintenance System


This maintenance system takes measure to avoid probable damages and adopt the necessary precautionary measure. The process is carried out as per the running hours like 4000 hrs, 8000 hrs etc., or by periodic intervals of 6 months or yearly for the machinery. The maintenance is done irrespective of the condition of the ship. Parts The parts have to be replaced if it is written in the schedule, even if they can be still used.


Breakdown Maintenance


This maintenance is done when then the machine breaks down. This is not a suitable and good method as situations may occur wherein the machinery is required in an emergency. Breakdown maintenance is costly and mostly takes place when a machine part is completely worn off or damaged. This program can become costly especially if the breakdown severely impacts other parts of the ship. It is thus necessary to ensure that regular inspection is conducted.


Condition maintenance


Machines, in the long run, can bring errors and defects to the complete mechanism. Therefore, periodic maintenance of machinery-part is essential. Different kinds of sensors can be used to detect malfunctions in the machines accurately. Inspection-reports need to be sincerely followed by experienced technicians to avoid wrong interpretations and cause unseen issues during the ship’s voyage.


Our service engineers maintain a specific procedure to work on machinery which is safe and reliable. If you are planning to buy a ship or service your ship in the Middle East it is important that you understand the importance of ship maintenance and employ proper methods like hiring the right ship maintenance companies like Maritronics to repair, service and reinstall wisely with preserving the aesthetic appeal and its functionality.