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Singapore is one of the main destination in international trade route. The marine industry is rapidly changing with Singapore creating new benchmarks in the maritime sector. Maritronics is now operating from Singapore to offer its service globally.

In 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles, a British colonial agent, purchased the island from the local authority and in a 2-year span; Singapore became one of the busiest and strategically important maritime hubs. Singapore port has never stopped growing from then on.


Singapore is Asia’s gateway to the maritime business. The industry offers ship financing, ship broking, risk management and marine insurance. Singapore has a well-managed fleet of port facilities, shipyards and has an advantage of its location in international trade routes. Maritronics, one of the leading maritime service providers has extended its work to Singapore. A successful business operator in the Middle East is now starting to operate from Singapore.


Singapore maritime industry is a hub for more than 5000 business organizations making it a leading international maritime center. Singapore has topped the 2019 Xinhua-Baltic International Shipping Centre Development Index for 6 consecutive years. The port of Singapore is a free port where all nations across the globe take part in business equally. The port is also the world’s largest container port.


Today, the Singapore port welcomes 1,30,000 vessels every year with a share of 7% growth GDP for the country. The maritime industry in Singapore is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years with innovations and investment in the sector globally.  The future of the port looks promising with the Tuas mega-port expansion project, which is set to complete in 2040. Slated to be the world’s largest container terminal, the complex is being constructed in 4 phases. The port will be equipped with state of art innovations to bring operational efficiency and therefore, the port also needs experts and engineers who can fix any issues on and off-board. Maritronics has therefore entered the Singapore maritime business sector at the right time to offer accurate and efficient solutions for now and later.


Innovations being piloted for the mega-port include a next-generation vessel traffic management system that is able to predict congestion hotspots and assists vessel route planning. Tuas is also trialing a maritime ‘single window’ that improves port clearance by streamlining the submission process, and a ‘just-in-time’ planning and coordination system for faster vessel turnarounds. Technology for automatic piloting of vessels, methods to eradicate bunkering and optimizing anchorage are on the way in the port.


Maritronics service is Singapore hosts an array of services to help smoother functioning of the industry.  Services offered by Maritronics Singapore is as follows:


  1. 1. Marine navigation and communication
  2. 2. Marine automation
  3. 3. Radio survey
  4. 4. Marine Maintenance contract
  5. 5. Marine calibration
  6. 6. Training for engineers and technicians.
  7. 7. Complete project management.


If your business is working around Singapore and is looking forward to fixing and repairing any marine product, you can now contact one of the most trusted maritime service operators in the Middle East, Maritronics. You can reach Maritronics engineers at +65 69103080.