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Marine Navigation System

It is sufficient to say that modern-day marine monitors are far more technologically advanced than their 19th-century ancestors. Technology specifications and features of naval equipment should evolve with time.

Assessing the risk of oil spills is critical. And, advance response technologies and procedures to ensure minimal environmental damage and to human safety answers the demand for an effective oil spill detection system.


Similarly, GOil-spill-GPS-and-radarslobal Positioning System (GPS) has changed the way the world operates. It helps shipping crew to know the vessel’s accurate position, speed, and heading to ensure the vessel reaches its destination in a timely and safest manner making maneuvering easy and reducing the risk of accidents.


So are the radars that help to find out the bearing and distance which helps in preventing ship collision. Radars are such scientific applications which also help in weather prediction.

At Maritronics, the marine engineers work in tandem to ensure a foolproof mechanism for proper implementation of navigation systems. Unless the three are used by trained sailors, the marine navigation is not going to be any smooth.