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Maritronics engineers help you to repair and service marine equipment promptly with the right documentation. The company houses some of the best marine engineers in the UAE.


With climate change affecting our lives, it is important to preserve and protect oceans from being polluted. The oceanic life needs to be preserved and the marine industry plays a vital role in maintaining a pollution-free ocean for sustainable business. The challenges brought on by the marine environment means that you will need to conduct regular maintenance, replacements and repairs on the vessel’s engine. Similar to other diesel engines, poor quality fuel can be a problem for marine engines too. This is particularly important for engines with ageing fuel systems.


Maritronics engineers report that a faulty engine or bad fuel can cause contamination of the ocean and is a violation of international laws. It is therefore important to maintain a well-functioning engine and have the right fuel. Maritronics is one of the pioneers in ship maintenance and service in UAE. Experienced personnel from Maritronics understand how contamination is caused and how it can be prevented while first-timers are often unaware of the issue.


Modern engines are efficient and eco-friendly but they need more attention and the right kind of service. They need fresh air, filtered fuel and appropriate coolant and lubricant levels to function. Other than these specifics, as marine engines differ largely manufacturer-to-manufacturer, you may need to consult manuals before proceeding with maintenance. Experts at Maritronics have been fixing every kind of marine engine for long. Maritronics sheds light on a few tips if your business involves ships and ports or if you are a boat owner.


  1. Changing Oils and Oil Filters
  • As marine engines differ largely based on the model and manufacturer, service intervals will be different and need to have an understanding about the same.
  • If your marine engine doesn’t have a gear filter, it may have a screen element that needs to be cleaned every now and then. Be sure to clean it when changing the gear oil.
  • It is recommended to change the oil after 250 hours of usage. Some professionals advise changing the oil at least once a year, but it largely depends on the nature of usage.
  1. Inspecting and Changing The Fuel Filters
    The secondary and primary fuel filters should be changed together. If the filters aren’t changed, the engine might wear out early and might cause damage like emitting smoke.
  2. Coolant and Oil Inspections
    The coolant and oil levels should be analyzed at least once a year and whenever being changed. Although the frequency of changing these liquids depends on the nature of engine usage, at times, you might need to conduct sampling more often. Once the oil is inspected, a professional can advise you on the best measures to enhance engine performance.
  3. Inspecting Air Filters
    Air filters should be cleaned and oiled less than 4 times before replacing. Regular inspection to check any foreign particles needs to be done and removed.
  4. Inspecting Zincs
    Engine zincs tend to wear over time and not replacing them could lead to complications in the raw water system. Inspection and replacement of zinc need to be done.
  5. Valve Adjustments
    It is a good idea to stick to manufacturer instructions to conduct valve adjustments.
  6. Inspecting Coolant Levels
  • Stick to your manufacturer’s instructions when replacing engine coolants.
  • Using a coolant that doesn’t comply with manufacturer instructions could lead to deterioration of internal cooling system components, like the housing and pipes.


It is essential to maintain all the records of engine activities, service and repairs. By following this process, the engine’s health can be predicted. Document Engine load, fuel burn percentage, marine gear pressures and the temperatures at various RPMs. Same has to be followed with coolant and engine oil levels.

With Maritronics, you can be at peace of mind and leave the repairing and servicing of your marine equipment with them. Their knowledge and expert skills can help you to run your business back on time. The engineers at Maritronics stick to manufacturer instructions and recommendations for your specific engine model. Keeping a track of all that you do to the engine, along with all engine readings will eventually help you get the best performance from your diesel engine. Visit us at www.maritronics.com.