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Know more about the Maritronics Maintenance contract and why it best suits your ships.


Maritronics is one of the leading marine service providers for more than a decade. Maritronics provides different kinds of maritime services enabling smooth trade and business across the globe. The maintenance agreement with Maritronics is an efficient way to ensure smooth operations with fixed and budgeted maintenance cost. Maritronics offers a flexible maintenance plan, which fits specified requirements. The agreement ensures the client that the investment is secure and predictable. The agreement covers maintenance and services round the clock the whole year. Maritronics engineers make the best use of resources and plan the maintenance with the utmost responsibility to deliver zero error output. The agreement allows the client to access real-time field service professionals, making sure that there is a service crew ready to serve you wherever and whenever needed.

Typically, a maintenance contract covers:


  • Coordination and support
  • Preventive service and maintenance
  • Failure and emergency services
  • Spare parts
  • Consultation for retrofit programs
  • Fixed annual fee


Why choose Maritronics Maintenance Contract:


  1. Fixed Affordable Pricing
    A fixed price covers all maintenance planning and inspection of the ship. The cost also includes spare parts and the actual maintenance work, scheduled or unscheduled, enabling almost precise price predictability. Maritronics engineers can calculate the exact price for installation and services for the years of service.
  2. Performance
    Maritronics engineers work to maximize the uptime and improve efficiency, a maintenance agreement ensures that the service is done to attain a refined level of performance and it is sustained through the lifecycle. Proper maintenance and coordinated schedules improve reliability and uptime. Changes in operating parameters can be identified well before they might compromise the performance of the installation.
  3. Maintenance Planning
    Optimized maintenance planning is achieved with the help of Maritronics engineers. Continuous efforts are taken to get real-time data during a specific interval. Maintenance is done by continuous monitoring data with the periodical inspection. The planning needs to be flexible to adapt to any condition of the ship.
  4. Support
    Ships that are constantly connected to the internet, Maritronics engineers can help assist onboard technicians in time of any distress. Online operational support can help to provide immediate support ensures the ship’s safe operation regardless of its location, minimizing the need for unscheduled maintenance visits.
  5. Documentation
    Regular and prompt documentation needs to be done while maintenance is carried out. The documentation should contain work cards, spare part lists and workforce scheduling as a part of logistics and coordination.
  6. Technical Expertise
    Maritronics engineers are well versed with the knowledge of their respective domain. The technicians and engineers make sure that every delivery reaches the expectation of the client. Right working of engines, updating about latest technologies and suggestions are provided at every juncture of maintenance.
  7. Wide Reach
    Maritronics is indebted to every client and therefore they extend support beyond the maintenance period to ensure the global business and trade isn’t hampered. It takes care of maintenance efficiency all through the voyage with minimal interruptions.
  8. Responsible Engineers
    Maritronics houses some of the best engineers in the UAE. They help to prevent any unexpected situations and keep the installations intact throughout the lifecycle. It also means maximized lifetime for the installation and reduced operational costs in a safe, reliable, and environmentally sustainable way.


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